An expert in various fields of graphic design, Dusko Stojanovic has worked for high-profile clients such as Converse, Coca-Cola, Delta Sport (Nike), Zonin 1821…

Dusko Stojanovic teaches Graphic Design at SACI (Florence), FIDI (Florence), FDA (Florence), SDA&S (Florence). He began his professional career in 2002 in Belgrade’s “Orange Studio” where he became Account Team Leader for such clients as Converse, Philip Morris, Coca-Cola, Delta Sport (Nike), the Serbian national football team, and the Serbian National Philharmonic orchestra.

After moving to Italy, he worked as a freelance designer for Florence’s Diaframma agency and began creating logos, labels, and web designs for the most prominent wine label studios in Europe, including that of Simonetta Doni. He also started instructing university-level students in Multimedia, Typography, Graphic Design, Color Theory, and Visual Communications.

Dusko Stojanovic has a Master degree in Design, a degree in Industrial and Product Design at the University of Belgrade and Laurea in Industrial Design and Visual Communication from the University of Florence.

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