The label is designed using drops of the wine.
Unique and very special for an equally special “reserve.”
The label takes advantage of the unique, intense, and vibrant color of the wine made from the indigenous Tuscan grape “Foglia Tonda.” For the first time, thanks to a very limited production, the wine itself is applied naturally, with drops on the surface of the cotton paper. This special paper, with its cross-fiber structure, absorbs the wine spectacularly, creating a unique design effect, aided by nature itself.
Each individual label is different, crafted by hand, one at a time. In this way, all the passion, warmth, and love are conveyed in each single example of this precious liquid.
The applied wine, partially protected by a natural antioxidant derived from Italian lemons, gradually changes color over time. Thus, the age and aging of the wine can be read directly from the label.


“Primo di Leo”: The Little King of Wines

“Primo di Leo” is a concept specially developed to embody the essence of the vineyard and the brilliance of their first release. Named after the vineyard’s unique shape, which mirrors the Leo constellation, this wine symbolizes the Little King, inspired by Regulus, the constellation’s brightest star. Regulus shines as a brilliant white-blue star, standing out for its luminosity.

The wine is crafted from the beautiful “Foglia Tonda,” an ancient Italian grape known for its rich, full-bodied character and deep, vibrant flavors.

Experience the brilliance and elegance of “Primo di Leo.” Raise a glass to new beginnings and celestial inspiration!