“Riserva” represents the pinnacle of excellence at Fattoria Casenuove, showcasing their finest Sangiovese. The label design incorporates traditional imagery essential for such a prestigious and traditional wine. However, it transforms the traditional illustration into a background visible only with the right light angle.

This wine is serious yet imbued with new strength and energy, reflecting the vision of the new owner.

Casenuove / The Redesigned Chianti Classico: A Modern Take on Tradition

Chianti Classico, Gallo Nero, is crafted from Sangiovese grapes and is renowned for its full-bodied character and rich history. Reflecting the wine’s robust nature, label is redesigned to be bold and substantial, incorporating illustrations from the historical label. This modern refresh aligns with the company’s new direction while honouring its storied past.

Introducing “Il Codibugnolo”: Light and Playful Elegance

“Il Codibugnolo” is the lightest and most playful wine from the Fattoria Casenuove winery. The owner wanted to feature this beautiful bird with a complex design that initially contrasted with the wine’s character. This project exemplifies the need to balance initial ideas with effective communication.

The final design strikes this balance, perfectly capturing the essence of “Il Codibugnolo” while ensuring the label communicates its lighthearted nature.